A note from the author:- I wish to add that much of the above information has been written over the years of my various explorations. It is with much sadness that over the past 5 to 10 years I have seen many of the old favourite fossicking areas closing their doors to the humble and in the majority of cases, harmless fossicker. However there has been a sad few who have spoilt and cruelled it for many others. It is now becoming quite difficult for the humble and old fashioned honest digger come fossicker to pursue their hobby of fossicking for gemstones. On top of this in the past 5 years, we have seen areas close due to, Land Rights, Native Title, National Park encroachments, Public Liability issues including litigation with fear as a result and also rapidly rising fuel costs, resistance to fossicking by Lobby and Environmental groups and changing fossicking laws. Let's just hope that in another 5 years fossicking for gemstones in Australia will be not only possible, but still legal.

The Mystery of Terra Australis

John Pinkney 2006

This ancient land has been measured and mapped,
Its mountains stripped, its animals trapped.
Roads and rails cross its desert plains,
But still the MYSTERY remains.
This timeless earth has been tunnelled and mined,
Wild streams and rivers redesigned.
Shafts dizzy deep into rock and hill,
But the MYSTERY lies deeper still.
The primal forests have been felled,
Green shadows vanished, birdsong quelled.
Bleak buildings rise in grey cold tides,
But still the MYSTERY abides.
This ancient land has been mapped and measured,
Torrents dammed, idylls untreasured.
The analyst notes, the historian explains,
But still the MYSTERY remains.

from Great Australian Mysteries 2, copyright (c) John Pinkney 2006. Published by The Five Mile Press

By permission


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